Thursday, September 29, 2005

What I Believe

I believe that the ability to read is a wondrous thing. Making the most of this ability has application to all aspects of your life. Reading can be done nearly everywhere at anytime with a minimum of requirements. Individual preferences would fill in additional levels of comfort past illumination and reading matter.

I believe that reading and playing are more important than cleaning under the bed. Additionally, I believe that everyone has rights and responsibilities. It is my opinion that a successful person enjoys the proper balance between the two.

According to my Mom, I have visited libraries since before I was born. I have worked in a library of some form or another since 1975 and am committeed to doing what I love, and loving what I do! My natural tendancy is to collect and organize. I have surrounded myself with family, friends, books, pets, garden plants and kids.

Words to Live By:
...Always be curious, devoted, enthusiastic, factual, generous, humane, impassioned, jocund, kindhearted ...