Sunday, November 01, 2015

Who's on First

After my incision healed my neurosurgeon handed me off to the radiation oncologist and my chemo oncologist. They consult on my continued care. They contact the neurosurgeon when there has been tumor growth. From what I read and hear every case is unique for growth type, surgical options, and oncological interventions - no to mention our own reaction to any treatment.

GBM resection left temporal lobe 5/14, radiation and temodar, 
My chemo oncologist continued temodar 1 week in 4 then 7/15 MRI revealed suspicious spots 8/15 switched to Avastin every 2 weeks for 5 times. 

9/2015 MRI showed 1 set of spots gone the spot in my cerebellum has grown. In consultation for new plan radiation and chem.... 

I also see a neurologist he assesses my mobility and mostly treats my leg nerve damage symptoms present from point of initial hospitalization 5/14.