Saturday, February 01, 2014

Ed's Trip to New Orleans

Ed went going on a trip.  He traveled on a train to New Orleans. Grandma took him on the adventure.  She has taken every grandchild on a trip during Spring Break of 8th Grade.  This year it is Ed's turn.  Aunt Bev  went with them.  Grandpa drove us to the train.

New Orleans is a city in Louisiana.  Louisiana is a state in the Southern region of the United States.  Ed lives near Chicago.  Chicago is in Illinois.  Illinois is a state in the Midwest region of the United States.

They took the train called the "City of New Orleans" from Chicago Union Station.
They will sat in seats to enjoy the view out the window.  The train traveled over 900 miles. The trip took over 19 hours! Part of the time it was the dark of night. Ed went to the top bunk to sleep. Aunt Bev was reading.  Grandma was dreaming of all the good food. Here is a video of the train and a trip someone took in 2013.

There were so many things to see.  Farm, cities, highways, rivers, woods, cars, people, and maybe animals.  Ed saw things change as they travel from North to South. Winter becomes spring. He saw similar scenery change when he went with Grandma, Grandpa, and George when they went to Florida to see Uncle Bud.

The train went the length of the state of Illinois.  It crossed the Ohio River and went across a short parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. Kentucky and Tennessee are states in the South.

Memphis is a city in Tennessee. We were in the dining car for breakfast in Memphis.  We saw the sun come up.  Elvis lived in Memphis in a large house he named Graceland.  Ed looked for people that dress like Elvis.   Ed did laugh when his Grandma tried to sing like Elvis.  This boy is MUCH better than his Grandma.

When the train got to the state of  Mississippi we were nearly there.  Louisiana, the next state the train will cross, is shaped like a shoe. New Orleans is near what looks like the toe. Here is a map of the trip.

When we got to the Train Station in New Orleans, Ed was looking for Grandpa and he really wanted to eat pizza. We took a cab to our hotel and then walked to dinner. Prince Conti Hotel – Standard room, 2 double beds  We stayed in the French Quarter and walked nearly everywhere.

Thursday was a bit rainy. We took our umbrellas.  Eat a yummy treat called a Beignet?  A fried dough, called a fritter, and sometimes filled with fruit.  Grandma will not like going to this place.  She does not like the smell of coffee.

There are special streets in New Orleans.  Each has a unique look or focus.  We can walk and ride the streetcar to see several of them.  Life in New Orleans is VERY different from Chicago, Northbrook, and North Aurora!

New Orleans is all about jazz.  We have to go to hear some.

  • 1PM : "The parade will begin at the corner of Canal and Bourbon Streets, continue down Bourbon Street. to St. Phillip Street, roll up to Decatur Street and conclude on Canal Street at the Astor Crowne Hotel."This would be a fun parade to watch.  Perhaps we should have Easter finery, hats and ties, to join in the celebration.
  • At 4PM there is another parade, also in the French Quarter.  This one is HUGE!

Monday We saw the sculpture garden behind the art museum and a Pirate Ship in a lagoon.

New Orleans is a city built below sea level. It is also a city built with water all around.  Seeing the city from the water will be a treat.

Wednesday We packed had breakfast and took a cab to get on the Train.

Thursday We made it home.



Aunt Bev has made a place of interesting things to do during the trip:   Buy a Straw Hat?   This place will be like halloween.  The history of New Orleans is very rich with people from other parts of the world.  A museum about World War II was mentioned by a friend when I said we were vacationing here. The Museum began as a D-Day museum.  The landing on the beaches was done with equipment that was built in the New Orleans area.  This museum will remind Grandma of her trip to France with Grandpa and Christopher.
This is another way to enjoy the city from the water.  Paddleboats were the main way people once used to travel up and down the Mississippi River.  Aunt Bev LOVES the musical Show Boat. She thinks that this would be a great way to spend a couple of hours.When we read the book at the library you said you wanted to go on a boat ride.  We will be in New Orleans after Mardi Gras, but everyone NEEDs to know about the connection.
Insects! how unusual. This is just for crazy fun.  Maybe if there is a rainy day.
The history of New Orleans all in one place; and all in wax.


I said Grandma would be dreaming of food. Here are some places we will go to eat.
We will have to have a sandwich, or two, at this place.  Don't they look yummy?
This another place to sample some special food. This website has photos:
Cajun cooking and candies are a tradition from Louisiana.  We need to get treats.  This might be a good place to buy things to bring home for the family.
Grandma will drool over pralines.  This is another good treat place.


Kindle the app

I am enamored with the Kindle app on my phone. How handy to have my current read always. available. at my fingertips. day or night.

My public library Overdrive contract is a handy way to keep books coming.  The limit of only 5 books on hold is my only area of complaint. Much like my library catalog option I'd prefer to place a bunch of holds and then suspend several until my reading time is available.  Perhaps. one day.

Meanwhile, you'll find me off in a corner enjoying a book.... swiping pages right to left while tracking the %  read and minutes until the the end of the chapter.