Thursday, December 03, 2015

Life Celebration

planning suggestion for my Life Celebration

Pat; my dad; Dr Abri; Daniel Leistman can help contact people
My facebook pages?
      elburn herald
      I'll work on a document to post here Conely would be helpful

pick a place like:
sg am legion

be nice to any one that comes  they made an effort. Please be gracious.
  - you can at least nod to them
         no need to get worked up
          they can keep their own Circus and monkeys  you DON't need or even want them
  - file under memory  how bizarre...

memory table for family and friend photos

Book or collect pages / cards something for  people to share a best memory andapage of  support  - make a book for each in the family when complete or a binder to add pages

Donation table this is a good set

have music - my playlists?  the inspiration on youtube  choices
  -dance or at least move something

movies from the blogger post on movie choices
 - funny! 
 - maybe Overboard , Enchanted, Annie, Ferris Bueller,

finger food / snacks :
  blt on mini cressents
  rippled chips /  brown dip
  carrots celery / frenchonion dip
 movie or mini candy = snickers, almond joy, bulls eye,  heath, payday, jr
   mints; smarties, skittles; swedish fish:  ask H and L
  ice cream topping bar

 root beer /Dr. pepper / orange

have Sam Glenn or someone Positive speak
maybe have a Mini entertainment time - the garbage can beats or Wiggles like singers  Ed liked both = Merrill or Sarah shoul remember who  Christy Sewall canhelp with Sam

Keep it fun and silly to keep making good memories PLEASE feel free to laugh and cry happy tears - being sadwill lead to snot AND  none wants that!  worry sadloss feel them fine, but find a way to represent how best I'd whisper in your ear and will be yelling in my heart to  find your  smile and your  passion

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

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A challenging experience

On a Facebook support support page my replies to a question :

Currently in radiation treatment and on steroids and keppra plus others. Surgery 5.2014 with r GBM 9/2015 .

I spend time just having to think how to do the next thing. Any thing. Shoes. Bathroom. Getting out of bed. Every step is a new step and requires an internal assist,step solid. Walk normal. That every one thing that was easy yesterday is that much harder today. Even easy last hour can become harder the next hour. Likely his focus is on the next thing. I speak in directives in part because I feel that a bark get action. If I have to explain one more time that I really prefer a certain fork and HATE the one they gave me I feel so frustrated and ungrateful. It is OUR struggle to figure out each new way of approaching getting it taken care of. I'm praying for you to be as strong as you need to be. Of course you didn't want any of this but taking care of yourself- enlisting others - controlling what you can .Do what you are able. Go for it! all IMHO given my life experience to date.
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after sleeping I added to the message:

Beverly Holmes Hughes over looked the mouth part. It is a huge thing. Michael Jordan had it right the tongue IS part the go system. I've noticed that I walk with my mouth open and my tongue does rub on my teeth. that is drying. lozenges and mint flavor burns more than helps. having s dry mouth changes flavor and the ability to chew properly . until the rough raw feeling is fixed or lessened it is another distraction, drawing attention from other things. Soft food helped but that gets boring. Oyster crackers in the soup provide texture and are easier to eat for example.