Monday, March 24, 2008

Books that are part of something MORE

Some books and stories as just SO good that you wish that they were part of something more...

I hate the sinking feeling that comes with the end of a GOOD book. The knowledge that somehow, in the next few pages this story will be OVER. At that time, my time with this group of friends will come to an end. Sure, much like a great vacation, or your favorite memory, there story will remain there for the visiting and connecting with things newly read. Sadly, the time of discovery and the "how I am reacting" with their story will be done. I will know all that the author chose to share with me. What I continue to make of the story will be up to me.

Books in series, or with sequels, delay that moment of separation. Bless the author that has chosen to continue to share with me the "further adventures" of our common friends!

For all the time in the world to consider that for every favorite book, for each good read, there might be another one out there waiting for me to discover it. Oh, I am anxious to begin that journey and put my abilities to the test as I seek out the continuing possibilities.